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The very best in family friendly music festivals

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When it comes to music festivals, then the chances are that you will always think of epic party weekends, with plenty of sunshine, lots of mud, abandoned tents, noisy bands and drinking. However, whilst this is a common type of festival to attend, some are geared more towards families and their needs.

Not sure where to start when it comes to finding a Family Friendly Music Festival for your whole family? To help you to work out which one to buy tickets to, here is what we think is the best in family friendly music festivals.

Some of the popular Family Friendly Music Festivals

Worsley Live

An example of a smaller-scale family friendly music festival is the Worsley Live festival. Worsley Live is back for 2022. Worsley Live is back bigger, better, bolder and even more fun.
Being held at

Camp Bestival

As one of the more significant festivals out there, Camp Bestival is among the most popular for families. Held in the Lulworth Castle estate in Dorset, it not only has a huge line-up of acts from across the decades, but it is also designed to keep the little ones entertained with crafts, activities, smaller-scale performances and lots of things to do.

Atherton Live 

Atherton Live is one of the newest Family Friendly Music Festivals.
Hosted on June 2nd 2022 at Atherton Cricket Club.
The idea of Atherton Live is to ensure that the entire family, no matter their age, has the most incredible time at the greatest show. Aside from being a great chance to soak up the sunshine with all the family, this particular music festival caters to a wide range of tastes with performances from hit movies and musicals, as well as tribute acts too.

Just So Festival

Held in Cheshire, Just So Festival is ideal for first-time festival-goers to dip their feet in and see whether they all enjoy it. It is a little more on the random side line-up and performance wise, but live music, fun activities and plenty of fancy dress come together to make an entirely wonderful day (or even longer) out with your family.

The Big Feastival

With a combination of food and music, the Big Feastival can offer it all. Held in the Cotswolds, if you go to this festival, then expect to be tempted into trying a wide variety of foods and seeing a lot of different bands and performers. This festival is often popular with adults, but we can promise you that it is also an ideal day or weekend away for all the family and will be a whole lot of fun for you all.

Deer Shed

A slightly different take on a festival, Deer Shed is not just about the music but also about arts and sciences. It is a great all-around experience, with every single member of the family likely to find something that they enjoy.

So, what are you waiting for, want to know more about how you can have some fun with the family at a festival? Take a look at some of the best options open to you.